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Welcome To Sheppard Backhoe & Construction Co

Bobby Sheppard grew up in Montgomery County Tennessee in 1959. In 1982 Bobby formed his own company called Sheppard Backhoe & Construction Co. due to Bobby Sheppard’s cancer Sheppard construction has recently gone under some changes, His son Matt has become the new owner.

Sheppard Backhoe & Construction Co Services

  • Complete site construction and land development
  • Land clearing, grubbing and disposal
  • Underground utilities, sanitary and storm sewers, water lines
  • Sanitary lift stations and associated piping
  • Outside fire sprinkler lines
  • General excavation
  • Erosion control installation and maintenance
  • Sinkhole remediation
  • GPS machine control grading for accuracy
  • Water and sewer As-Builts on-line


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